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Current Launchpad Features

At this time, there are no features features in Launchpad.

Previous Launchpad Releases

<aside> 💡 These features have now been released to everyone


2024.01.18 Notification center

2024.01.18 Contracts App

2024.01.4 Notification center V1

2023.09.26 Google login and signup for clients

2023.09.4 Messages API

2023.07.17 Reply via email

2023.05.23 Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2023.02.23 Client import

Launchpad FAQ

How do I know if I’m in Copilot Launchpad?

You’re in Copilot Launchpad if we’ve confirmed (via Slack or email) that you’ve been added. In our Slack community you’ll also be added to the private #launchpad channel.

How do I join the Launchpad program?